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Creating Understanding in Relationships through the Practice of Awareness

This week we will be exploring how we can bring mindfulness into our lives–into the words we speak and the actions we take. Our guest will be Oren J. Sofer, a teacher of both mindfulness meditation and Nonviolent Communication. Because Oren is fluent in both of these skills, he brings unique insight and clarity to how to bring the practice of awareness into our relationships and our communication, so that instead of reacting, we can respond in a way that creates understanding. Co-hosts Marlena Willis and Nancy Kahn will be interviewing Oren Sofer and we will welcome call-ins in the second half of the show for questions and coaching.

Oren is is a Collaborative Trainer at BayNVC, Senior Program Staff at Mindful Schools, the international leader of Mindfulness in Education, and author of the forthcoming book, Three Steps to Better Conversations: A Guide to Mindful Communication. Oren is also trained and certified in Somatic Experiencing, a form of trauma healing based in nervous system regulation. Oren holds a degree in Comparative Religion from Columbia University.

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