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Beyond Compromise: Conflict Resolution that Works for Everyone

It has been said that legal mediation is a success if everyone is unhappy with the outcome—that it is fair, because everyone has had to compromise. Bringing Nonviolent Communication to the mediation process contributes to the possibility that all parties involved can be happy with the results because it facilitates connection and care between the parties involved. Host Marlena Willis interviews Nonviolent Communication teacher and mediator Lisa Montana on how we can formally or informally resolve conflicts using Nonviolent Communication.

Lisa Montana came to conflict resolution from the corporate world, where she witnessed frequent disputes, most of them handled in ways that nobody liked. Working with collaborative communication, she found a model in which everyone’s needs matter and against all odds, has seen wildly antagonistic foes find common ground. Lisa began teaching Nonviolent Communication in 2007, and in 2008 she joined the teaching team for BayNVC’s year-long mediation program. Since 2013, she’s been teaching conflict resolution at San Quentin State Prison. Lisa works with individuals, businesses and organizations around the country, offering mediation, executive coaching and group facilitation.



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