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For those who are incarcerated, meditation can offer the possibility of inner freedom when there isn’t outer freedom.  Host, Marlena Willis, talks with meditation teacher Walt Opie who teaches meditation in the prisons and with formerly incarcerated inmate, Kenny Glaude.

Walt Opie is a Buddhist meditation teacher trained in the Insight Meditation (vipassana) tradition. For the past five years he has served as a volunteer prison facilitator with Buddhist Pathways Prison Project (BP3) in California at CSP-Solano in Vacaville. Walt is currently Board Chair for the organization, and previously served as BP3’s Executive Director.  His writing appears in the book collection Still, In the City: Creating Peace of Mind in the Midst of Urban Chaos.  He lives in Berkeley, CA with his wife and daughter.

Kenny Glaude is a formerly incarcerated person currently living and working in San Francisco, CA. He participated in the Buddhist program at CSP-Solano offered by Buddhist Pathways Prison Project (BP3).



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