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Empowering Youth through Nonviolent Communication and Indigenous Mindfulness Practices

Are you concerned that youth today are spending too much time on tech devices and not enough time developing their emotional, spiritual and physical capacities? Are you worried about how difficult it is for young people today to understand their needs and full range of choices available to meet needs in the moment? Do you feel some urgency about exposing young people to self-awareness practices that help them increase emotional intelligence?

In this show we hear how the practices of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Indigenous Mindfulness empower youth to slow down and connect to themselves more fully, understand their own feelings and needs, and experience a wider range of choices and strategies in any moment.  Host Nancy Kahn talks with Gerardo Omar Marín about the range of practices he personally uses and shares with youth across the nation, such as inner-resilience practices to recharge young people’s souls and bodies, stress-relief breathing techniques and meditation. Hear the powerful benefits of these practices from Gerardo’s vast experience working with youth.

Gerardo Omar Marín mentors youth, community organizers, and educators in indigenous mindfulness practices, ritual, and inner-resilience practices. He has served and organized in schools, in the outdoors, churches, youth detention centers, prison, homes, and in the streets.

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