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Using Nonviolent Communication to Deepen Friendships

Practicing Nonviolent Communication (NVC) can contribute to deepening and enriching our friendships by supporting us in being more authentic with each other. Host Marlena Willis talks with Integrative Counselor, Suz Strasburger, about how to increase connection with our friends using the tools and principles of NVC, such as empathy, authenticity, and focusing on what we truly need, rather than what is “wrong” with ourselves or the other person. Marlena and Suz look at and celebrate Suz’s friendship with Nancy, whom Suz recently accompanied in her dying process. (This show is a tribute to Nancy, who was an avid practitioner of Nonviolent Communication.)

Susan Strasburger, PhD (Suz) blends counseling and coaching in working with individuals, couples and organizations. She has a multidisciplinary approach which includes Nonviolent Communication, somatic counseling, mindfulness and meditation.

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