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Special Broadcast from the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Continuation of the Nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh (Day 5)

this episode is no longer available

Special Live Broadcast of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Hearing continuing the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court.
We’ll cover the Senate hearing gavel-to-gavel with hosts Antonia Juhasz and Mitch Jeserich from KPFA studios, and guest commentary from Sonali Kolhatkar from KPFK in Los Angeles.
Witnesses include:
Dr. Christine Blasey Ford of Palo Alto, CA, who is accusing the Supreme Court nominee of sexually assaulting her while the two were in high school, while testify before the committee. Arizona prosecutor Rachel Mitchell will question Dr Blasey Ford on behalf of Republican Senators.
Since Dr. Blasey Ford went public with her story of being sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh, two more women have come forward with similar accounts of sexual aggression by Kavanaugh.
Then, Judge Brett Kavanugh will appear before the Committee to testify in his defense against the allegations.
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