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Torture at Guantanamo and the Presidential Field

J. Wells Dixon is a Senior Staff Attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights, where he specializes in challenging unlawful detentions at the Guantánamo prison. Wells represents clients in federal court, before the military commissions at Guantánamo, and in various international proceedings. Among his clients are former Baltimore-area resident Majid Khan, who was imprisoned and tortured in secret CIA “black sites” for more than three years before he was transferred to Guantánamo.

Majid Khan recently alleged that the CIA has used sexual abuse and more forms of torture than were included in the Senate’s report.

And John Nichols, political writer at The Nation magazine, on the presidential electoral field.

2 responses to “Torture at Guantanamo and the Presidential Field

  1. More talk of Democrits and Rethuglicans. REALLY???? After the charade of Barack Obama, I’m done with the Democratic party as well as the Republicans. On the major issues of empire, militarism, neoliberal economics, Wall Street & central banking, there is no difference between the actions of both parties. There may be talk of change, but no real change has or will occur on the big issues AS LONG AS we keep talking about Democrats and Republicans. C’mon KPFA, stop focusing on the charade that is the Democratic and Republican party.

    The only reason to vote for a Democrat or Republican is when there is no 3rd party alternative, and then we should vote out the incumbent.

    1. I think our voting system was skewed from the start. And the increase of administrative hurdles and gerrymandering, and corporations are humans, etc its become totally unfair. its impossible for third parties to get voted in on the federal level. A real democracy has proportional representation, larger parties have to make coalitions with smaller parties, thus some things that the minority party(i.e. we the common people, ironically really the majority) wants to push for like closing the wealth gap has a chance to be voted on in congress or by plebiscite. At least a pr system gives other parties a voice in representative government. I think the American people, we should have a movement to have a plebiscite, a referendum, one man one vote by we the people for Proportional Representation

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