More from “The Dynamics of Possible Nuclear Extinction” with Dr. Helen Caldicott

NNToday on Flashpoints: The Columbia Generating Station Nuclear Power Plant in Oregon dangerously refuels with a crack in the jet-pump inside the reactor. We’ll speak to an expert on the current dangers of this latest nuclear nightmare, as well as an activist fighting on the front lines to shut the reactor down. And we’ll hear more compelling excerpts from Dr Helen Caldicott’s front line Symposium. The Dynamics of Possible Nuclear Extinction: based on the ongoing meltdown and disaster at Fukushima, Japan

  • peakchoicedotorg

    Thanks for covering the story.

    A small fact check – the reactor is in Washington, not Oregon (and there’s no “e” at the end of “Oregon”). The power reactor is on the grounds of the Hanford nuclear reservation, set up during the Manhattan Project. Hanford is the most polluted site in the country.

    CGS is about three decades old and is showing signs of aging. About a year ago, the Wanapum dam, just upstream, also had a crack found in it. Entropy is not a good idea, it’s the law.

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