Against the Grain

The End of Public Education?

From charter schools to enterprises like Teach for America — profiteering off of public education has surged, supported by both Democrats and Republicans. But Noliwe Rooks argues that the plundering of taxpayer-funded education has a long history, going back to the era after Reconstruction. Rooks discusses that history — and whether we’re now seeing the slow unraveling of public education in the U.S. (Encore broadcast.)


Noliwe Rooks, Cutting School Privatization, Segregation, and the End of Public Education The New Press, 2017

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  1. Re: Against The Grain webpages. I just want to thank you, ATG/KPFA, for once again noting when an ATG episode is an encore broadcast.

    For a long time, the ATG archives (episode listings) stopped noting whether a show was a rerun or not. As a result, I didn’t listen to ATG nearly as much as I had before. So I expect that I’ll be listening to ATG much more in 2018 than I did in 2017 (especially as long as Sasha Lilley is around — she’s one of my favorite interviewers).

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