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“The Campaign Will Go On”: Sanders Backers Vow to Keep Fighting to Change Nation & Democratic Party

Bernie and Obama“The Campaign Will Go On”: Sanders Backers Vow to Keep Fighting to Change Nation & Democratic Party; Can Bernie Sanders Help Rewrite Democratic Platform to Ban Fracking & Keep Oil in the Soil? As California Admits 2 Million Ballots Remain Uncounted, Sanders Pushes for Changing Primary Process; Don’t De-Islamize Muhammad Ali: Scholar Says Muslim Faith was Central to His Views on Racism & War; Dave Zirin on the Whitewashing of Muhammad Ali: He Wasn’t Against Just War, But Empire.

  • Legion

    I am not supporting Trump: however it is not abnormal fro big business men NOT to pay people and file bankruptcy, etc…they ALL do–ALL of them. I know many –it is normal. And perfectly okay in circle son the 1%–they are only attacking Trump because he threatens their establishment. Clintons are the same way.

    I am disgusted by Elizabeth Warrens endorsement (Obama’s as well–he has been a disappointment since day one–i actually want to puke with that meditative music underpinning his speech) but Warren was thought to be better–how can this people endorse a corporate shill like Hillary, a criminal, a war criminal, wall street puppet. there is no hope in this fraudulent democracy–3 million votes uncounted in California–and all over america.

    We are duped again–thanks to ALL the media. There is only one solution. Revolution in the streets. the powerful and corrupt will never give-up power–never–and nothing will ever get better–never. they must be overthrown. when will the America people grow a pair…? Do Americans like being duped and patronized? Do Americans like being puppets and pawns and cannon fodder? Sofa-progressives.

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