Against the Grain

The Labor of Veterans

Veterans are a prominent symbol in U.S. politics, evoking patriotism and military might. The right recruits them and they populate the police, private security, and often militia groups. But the struggles of veterans, and those currently working for the military, should be of concern for the left, argues Suzanne Gordon and Steve Early. They discuss the always non-union labor of military work, attempts to privatize veterans’ healthcare, and the political orientation of veterans and the organizations claiming to represent them. (Encore presentation.)


KPFA Event with Steve Early and Suzanne Gordon Wednesday, September 7 at 6:00 pm, Veterans Building 401 Van Ness Avenue, Room 210 in San Francisco

Suzanne Gordon, Steve Early, Jasper Craven, Our Veterans: Winners, Losers, Friends, and Enemies on the New Terrain of Veterans Affairs Duke University Press, 2022


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