Against the Grain

The Politics of Noel Ignatiev

The complicity of white workers in maintaining the capitalist status quo has been much argued on the U.S. left. One of the key combatants and contributors to the debate was the influential radical thinker Noel Ignatiev, who died in 2019. Economist Geert Dhondt reflects on the key ideas of Ignatiev on race and the notion of dual power in moments of revolutionary upheaval.


Noel Ignatiev, Treason to Whiteness is Loyalty to Humanity (Edited by Geert Dhondt, Zhandarka Kurti, and Jarrod Shanahan) Verso, 2022

Noel Ignatiev, Acceptable Men: Life in the Largest Steel Mill in the World Charles H Kerr, 2021

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