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Trump and the End of Neoliberalism?

Neoliberal globalization, the economic order which has reigned for the last forty years, has been premised on free trade, with the United States government playing a key role in managing global capitalism.  Donald Trump has promised to bring a halt to the export of jobs and much of the free movement of labor in the form of immigration.  So does that spell the end of neoliberalism? Political economist Leo Panitch weighs in.

3 responses to “Trump and the End of Neoliberalism?

  1. This is old-fashioned KPFA, going back to my days as Production Director half a century ago: a solid hour of monolog that’s actually worth listening to! If only KPFA could afford Democracy Now’s technology for instant transcription! Instead I’m going to have to download and take notes, with frequent use of the pause button.

  2. I came across Against the Grain by accident two days ago while searching on the internet for “trump and implications for neo-liberalism”. Wow. Some of the most balanced and thoughtful commentary I have heard on the Trump election to date. The only observation I’d add is to the title. Rather than “Trump and the End of Neoliberalism?” I’d offer this: “Trump: an Inevitable Consequence of Unchecked Neoliberalism?”.

  3. 1) Companies with a market cap of 10 billion and 8 employees don’t create jobs. 2) You can’t compete economically with countries that allow their companies to treat their employees like slaves. 3) There IS, in fact, a wave of xenophobia sweeping Europe; it’s called ISLAM. 3) Using the term ‘storm troops’ to describe Trump supporters is exactly one of the reasons why your side lost this last election. 4) In terms of immigration, all Americans really want is sovereign, defensible borders and an immigration policy that’s good for AMERICA. That took about a minute to read, right? You’re welcome.

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