Against the Grain

Fund Drive Special: Moving Beyond Trauma

The acclaimed physician Gabor Maté believes that capitalist society damages us at an early age and that we carry that trauma through our lives—making us alienated, sick, and often prone to destructive behaviors. Maté draws from his remarkable background and radical commitments to provide us with tremendous insights into the maladies that are the norm in our society. His deeply humanistic work is featured in an award-winning documentary film.


Artist Song Album Label
Biggabush,Lightning HeadIlu Baje13 Faces of Lightning HeadBELIEVE - Tru Thoughts
Dhamaal SoundsystemR/evolutionDhamaal SoundsystemDhamaal SF - Surya Vault Records
TONYCTraumaTraumaTONYC Music
The Twilight SingersRailroad Lullaby (Album Version)twilight as played by the twilight singersSME - Columbia
Podington BearNow SonUpbeatHUSH