Against the Grain

Who Does Global Poverty Threaten?

Akhil Gupta sees a growing tendency to view global poverty as a threat not to the acutely poor but to elites in the global North. Unchecked migration, terrorism, and disease vectors are seen as manifestations of that threat, against which elites now seek to protect themselves. This, according to Gupta, makes meaningful action to alleviate poverty less likely.

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  • Veronica Palmer

    This discussion finally got me off my butt and to share the thought that: Instead of denying or fighting the concept of the coming of a New World Order. We should embrace it. It will come no matter what we do or don’t do. It will come because the internet is the life blood of world relations. We use the internet for almost everything. Right now the world’s political and commercial elites have control of events. But if we embrace the new world order we can have something to say about how it works and who it serves. We need to recognize how we are moving in the direction the elites want. I have much more to say on this topic and so far I briefly mentioned some of the negative aspects but there are strong, beneficial and beautiful reasons for a one world government.

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