Against the Grain

Fund Drive Special: Capitalism and the Internet

There’s no question that the internet has transformed our societies in enormous ways — but sorting through how and why is much more contentious. Media expert Robert McChesney discusses the crucial element missing from our discussions of the internet: capitalism.

Some people may speak critically of capitalism, but it is the reason there is competition, and that in turn causes internet services to evolve from what they were at the start, to what we have now. Internet providers have to ensure their service is up to par, and that they offer great bang for your buck if they wish to compete.There are so many providers for any given area that side services have cropped up which can help you find the best provider for you. Companies such as Internet abonnement vergelijken  help cut through the noise a little easier so research can go a little quicker and enables the customer to make a better informed decision.

An increase in provider competition has in turn led to an evolution of the internet, leading to amazing results. The internet and its capabilities have outgrown even the wildest guesses and estimates in regards to its functionality and accessibility.

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