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Trumping Global Warming

The last three years have been the hottest on record.  But, rather than urgently addressing global warming, we now have a government helmed by a climate denier, who has chosen the head of Exxon Mobil as his Secretary of State.  Are we doomed?  Leftwing environmentalist Tom Athanasiou thinks not. He believes the Trump backlash provides the best hope for aggressive action against global warming.


Tom Athanasiou, After the Catastrophe: Climate Justice as the Post-Trump Slingshot

Climate Equity Reference Project

Civil Society Equity Review Coalition

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  1. This very articulate Sasha Lilly’s interview of Tom Athansiou opens our eyes to a very complex global problem. It takes some serious listening and I enjoyed a second listening to better grasp the complexities. I look forward to reading the book.

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