Against the Grain

Food, Agriculture, and Capitalist Development

If what Eric Holt-Giménez calls our current corporate food regime is neither equitable nor resilient, then how do we go about changing or replacing it? Our starting point, says Holt-Giménez, must be to understand capitalism as a system and capitalism’s history as an evolving set of agendas and practices. He examines the role of agriculture and food systems in capitalism’s development, and also assesses forms of resistance to the current food regime.

Eric Holt-Giménez, A Foodie’s Guide to Capitalism: Understanding the Political Economy of What We Eat Monthly Review Press, 2017

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2 responses to “Food, Agriculture, and Capitalist Development

  1. That is an informative and hopeful discussion. I’m always impressed how well-informed C. S. and Sasha are and how they are able to draw out insights from the guests. To take a Food Policy Council approach is a leap of faith because time is short and Neo-Conservative Capitalism is relentless and not reformable. It’s as hard to get the public to see this fact as it is to alert them to climate change. I try to grow vegetables and orchard here in North Carolina and the weather is worse and worse. I want to try a greenhouse approach and produce 12 months, but it would be suicidal to borrow money under current conditions.

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