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Unconditional Basic Income

A number of thinkers and activists on the left have embraced the notion of a basic income paid to all without means testing or a work requirement. Erik Olin Wright argues that a generous basic income would contribute to revitalizing a socialist challenge to capitalism. He also distinguishes the version of UBI that he supports from that pushed by some on the right.


Erik Olin Wright

2 responses to “Unconditional Basic Income

  1. I’m a right-wing socialist on the grounds that basic income, single payer, and universal housing make economic sense, and are rooted in the Christian ideal of helping the poor, as well as the capitalist ideal of investing in the future. Poor people are contrarian investments, like that author who made a billion or so from something she wrote while receiving government aid. Basic income would eliminate the welfare bureaucracy, and if it replaced pensions for the elderly, we wouldn’t have to store $20 trillion in retirement money on Wall Street.

  2. There is that old MAXIM that politicians, especially in AMERICA are using at the moment, and that is “that you do not get nothing for nothing” But in fact, you actually receive your LIFE for or out of nothing!. i receive benefits/welfare in the U.K at the moment, and all it does is trap you in poverty especially if you have no family help. i cannot even afford bus or train fares to attend a job interview. let alone pay a internet connection or top up my phone.
    ALSO as mass unemployment increases as Technology advances then the less jobs there will be. ALSO a basic income would increase the choices a person makes. a person may be very creative but due to working many hours, lose their creativity or the time they could spend with their creative nature. A more creative society then may well lead to a “healthier society” and, also help deal with the mental fatigues that many suffer who are in employment or are not!. A basic income might help in creating more doctors/surgeons. it may also help those who wish to spend time with the elderly and so helping them. which helps deal with loneliness. the stress levels of a society would be lower. people may decide to go out and clean the streets because they choose too, and with a basic income can do this. as money is not a problem and they can start looking at how to improve their neighborhood. We need a basic income. Many people volunteer who do not get paid?! with a basic income they would. God wants a basic income and less greedy billionaires So.” You Don’t get nothing for nothing? well tell that to God.!! tell that to mother nature’s flowers who gives her suckle to honey bees. and gives the Calf milk to drink. Nature is free, it is only humanity that is not! A BASIC INCOME IS THE HUMANE THING TO DO ..

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