Against the Grain

Fund Drive Special: War, Peace, and KPFA Radio

Radio is a medium with extraordinary propagandistic power — seductively transmitting ideas into the quotidian intimacy of one’s home and life. That power and potential was recognized early on by the state following the First World World. It was also appreciated by opponents of war, including the anarchist pacifists who founded KPFA Radio and the Pacifica network. As KPFA Radio celebrates its 75th anniversary, historians Matthew Lasar and Iain Boal reflect upon the origins of the legendary station, the mother of listener-sponsored radio.


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Biggabush,Lightning HeadIlu Baje13 Faces of Lightning HeadBELIEVE - Tru Thoughts
Dhamaal SoundsystemR/evolutionDhamaal SoundsystemDhamaal SF - Surya Vault Records
Marius Van Den BrinkNew York Knock (feat. Sean Jones) feat. Sean JonesNew York Knock (feat. Sean Jones) feat. Sean JonesHighLine Music NYC