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4/13/20 Grief in the Time of Coronavirus

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, there’s a lot of grief to go around. In addition to COVID-related loses, people continue to die of more typical illnesses like cancer, heart disease, and numerous other age-related causes. Unfortunately, our normal ways of mourning have changed along with the rest of how we live our lives. At least for the moment, typical funerals, memorial services, religious gatherings, and other in-person rituals generally aren’t possible. So, in this episode, host David B. Feldman interviews psychotherapist Dr. Joy Miller about how grief has changed in the midst of coronavirus and how we can all support one another. We also discuss how grief can occur not only when we’ve lost a person, but also when we’ve lost a job, a role, or a way of life. So, in that sense, what we all may be feeling right now is grief. 

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