“The Free & The Brave” We are pleased to present a talk given by author and essayist James Baldwin called “The Free & The Brave”, given in April or May of 1963. His book “Fire The Next Time’ had just been released  prior to this speech at the Second Baptist Church in Los Angeles.

We are pleased to present a talk by writer public intellectual, political commentator and essayist, Gore Vidal, given at the University of California Los Angeles in 1981.  Over the years, Vidal’s work was frequently published in The Nation, The New Statesmen, The New York Review of Books and Esquire Magazine.


Feds coming for Cali! Democratic Party divisions!

Federal energy regulators (i.e fossil fuel proponents) are poised to take over California’s electricity grid—aided and abetted by California legislators. What is wrong with this picture??? PLUS: will progressive wins in primaries translate to Democratic Party wins in November? With host Kris Welch.