Larry Bensky hosts pianist Audrey Vardanega, live on this program. Audrey Vardanega, Oakland born and raised made her Midsummer Mozart Festival debut in 2010 at age 14. Since then, Vardanega has earned high praise from audiences and critics, who describe her as playing “with an astonishing beauty and maturity beyond her years.” Audrey plays live … Continued

Alicia Garza, Black Lives Matter co-founder; Cat Brooks, Anti Police Terror Project; Antonia Juhasz, Investigative Journalist; Thomas DarDar, United Houma Nation Chief; Mark Miller, Southern Utah University History professor; Sylvia Rivera, Remembering Stonewall oral history project; Michael Schirker, Remembering Stonewall oral history project; Aesha Rasheed, Southerners on New Ground. Host: Jasmin Lopez Producers: Laura Flynn, … Continued

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! Today, KPFA host Vylma V. on stage with the incomparable Sandra Cisneros. She talks about everything from her upbringing to writing to the politics of education to choosing to live on her own. Guest: Sandra Cisneros, author most recently of A House of My Own: Stories from my Life. She is … Continued

Spend Christmas Eve with KPFA’s Avotjca this Sunday, December 24 from 8:00 pm to Midnight as she hosts Buenanoche, a night filled with Spanish Christmas carols.  Traditionally performed in Puerto Rico, Buenanoche is an annual ritual where neighbors go door to door serenading their neighbors with Chrismas carols.  Celebrate Christmas Eve Puerto Rican style with this magical … Continued

Tonight’s program is a tribute to the late and dearly beloved poet, musician ­composer, spiritual leader, healer, feminist, internationalist and activist, Mamacoatl, Silvia Parra. We include her original poems and songs recorded at KPFA, and her historic conversation on the divine feminine with poet laureate Mary Rudge and Nina Serrano in 2010. We also offer an original elegy … Continued