On today’s show, we’ll examine formal policy decision by the Trump administration to separate immigrant families from their children at the border, with our immigration correspondent Juan Escalante. Then, independent journalist Marcy Wheeler will explain the latest in the tangled web of the Mueller investigation from Michael Cohen to Rudy Giuliani. Finally, Tim Shorrock will … Continued

Donald Trump rails against immigrants and issues blanket immigration-related policy proposals on a whim. On today’s show we’ll speak with our immigration correspondent Juan Escalante about Trump’s latest decision to deploy the US military at the border, and his angry declarations about DACA, border security and more. Then we’ll turn to Professor Isabel Nuez about … Continued

Chile’s first and only female President Michelle Bachelet just handed over power to her successor, second-time President, the center-right billionaire Sebastin Piera. On our show today we’ll speak with Chilean-born artist and activist Francisco Letelier about Bachelet’s legacy and what Piera would bring. Then, why Attorney General Jeff Sessions is suing California, and how a … Continued