Rising Up With Sonali

Has the Case for Impeachment Become Stronger?

Chile’s first and only female President Michelle Bachelet just handed over power to her successor, second-time President, the center-right billionaire Sebastin Piera. On our show today we’ll speak with Chilean-born artist and activist Francisco Letelier about Bachelet’s legacy and what Piera would bring. Then, why Attorney General Jeff Sessions is suing California, and how a high-profile ICE resignation and a viral video of a mother being separated from her children highlights the showdown between DC and California. Our immigration correspondent Juan Escalante will join us on those stories. Finally, history professor and author Allan J. Lichtman will return to our show a year after his best-selling book the Case for Impeachment was published. Lichtman’s book is now out in paper-back and we’ll discuss how Donald Trump has given Congress so many more reasons for impeachment in his first year in office. . Hosted by Sonali Kolhatkar.

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