Delegates to the Democratic National Convention officially nominate Hillary Clinton as the party’s presidential nominee. Former President Bill Clinton delivers the keynote address. The convention will also hear from the mothers of African-Americans killed by police or who died in police custody or at the hands of vigilantes. The mothers of  Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, … Continued


Up Front with Friday Host Marie Choi: Agribusiness’ Role in CA Drought, Erica Garner, Mumia Abu-Jamal – April 10, 2015

A report by NASA earlier this month showed that California only has one year of water left in its reservoirs. It’s set off alarm bells across the state.  All of us being told to take shorter showers and water our gardens less.  But what about the state’s biggest water users? Agribusiness companies account for 80% … Continued

We speak with Erica Garner about the police involved murder of her father, Eric Garner and the case in North Charleston where a white police officer faces murder charges after his fatal shooting of an unarmed Black man, Walter Scott was caught on video. And Poor News Network examines economic terrorism in urban communities. 5pm … Continued