War with china? Gay Pride! Unbound

Trade war with China may already have started, but military war? Preparations are underway, says Michael Klare. PLUS; this weekend is the big Gay Pride march in S.F. Lisa Geduldig gives us the heads-up. PLUS: surviving a life of unrelenting abuse and deprivation, 28 years in prison, Donna Hyllton is a passionate prison/women’s rights advocate, … Continued

As North Korea Talks with China, South Korea & Japan, Could Bolton Derail Denuclearization Progress? NYC Minister: I’m Willing to Be Arrested If ICE Comes for Immigrant Mother in Sanctuary in My Church; “I Am Raising My Voice”: Guatemalan Mother in Sanctuary in NYC Accuses Border Patrol of Sexual Abuse; Family to Bury Slain Sacramento … Continued

Economic Update

Knowledge, Class and Economics

this episode is no longer available

Updates on problems and solutions for workplace discrimination, China’s ascending economy, capitalism’s drive to income and wealth inequalities, economics of immigration’s winners and losers, US capitalism and African-Americans. Interview with co-author Prof. Richard McIntyre on new book: Knowledge, Class and Economics: Marxism Without Guarantees. Hosted by Economics Professor Richard D. Wolff

Womens Magazine

Womens Magazine – April 20, 2015

Hilary Klein discusses her new book, COMPAÑERAS: Zapatista Women’s Stories.  We talk about the origins of the EZLN, its evolution over 30 years of struggle and institution building, and how well it realizes its objectives of full gender equality.  Klein lived in Chiapas for six years and interviewed dozens of women, from military commanders to … Continued

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