KPFA’s 2019 International Women’s Day Broadcast

Saturday March 9 tune in for KPFA’s 2019 International Women’s Day broadcast! From 6am – 12 midnight, we bring you a mix of music, culture and her-stories celebrating the courage, creativity and contributions of some of the most vulnerable and most powerful women on our planet.

Hosted, produced and engineered by the women of KPFA.

(Note –  links to shows will be updated as they air)

KPFA’s 2019 IWD Lineup

6 AM – The Gospel Experience “Sacred Sisters” with Miz April
7 AM – Bay Native Circle: In Celebration of Native Women (Produced by Janeen Antoine)
8 AM – Feisty Femme Folk Tales by Sherry Glazer (Produced and Edited by Christina Aanestad)
8:30 – Let the Light Shine – Women and Truth (Produced and Hosted by Prema Jackson)
9 AM – Women’s International Music with Joanna Manqueros
10 AM – A Conversation between Angela Davis and Olga Talamantes: Voices from the Resistance, hosted by Cheliss Lopez” (Produced by Nina Serrano)
11 AM – Invisible Epidemic: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in California & Beyond (Sara Blanco & Morning Star Gali)
11:30 – Shaman Woman: Activist, Homeless, Lawyer (Produced and Hosted by Adrienne Lauby)

12 PM – Fighting for Climate Justice (Produced and Hosted by Chana Wilson)
1 PM – “Good and Mad” A Conversation with Author Rebecca Traister (Produced and Hosted by Jeannine Etter)
1:45 PM – The Once and Future Socialist Feminist (Produced by Kate Raphael and Lisa Dettmer)

2PM – The Once and Future Socialist Feminist continued
3 PM – “Momming While Depressed” with host Computr Blu featuring mental health care professional, Lynesha Kately
4 PM – The Last Taboo: Saying No to Motherhood with Rosemary Agonito (Produced and Hosted by Jeannine Etter)
4:30 – Doula Samsarah Morgan on Black Infant Mortality (Produced and Hosted by Jeannine Etter)
5 PM – KPFA, The X Factor – 2019 (Produced and Hosted by Mickey Mayez
5 30 – Resurgent Cultures of Consent featuring Anjali Nath Upadhyay and Dr. Sarah Hunt (from the Feral Visions podcast by the We Rise Productions)

6 PM – Pacifica Evening News with Sharon Sabotta
6:30 – Syria, Art, and Collective Memory: An interview with artist Dima Nachawi (Produced and hosted by Mira Nabulsi)
7 PM – Celebrating Bay Area Based Women Musicians: Melanie DeMore, Willa Mamet, Emma’s Revolution and Sistah’s of the Drum (Produced and Hosted by Lisa Dettmer)

8PM – Celebrating Bay Area Women Musicians part 2
9 PM – Women Saving Our Own Lives: The Legend of Rhodessa Jones (Produced and Hosted by Cat Petru)
10 PM – Christina Aanestad on Wickie Stamps
11 PM – Bonni Live! Featuring a live performance by Bonni Maxwell (Produced and hosted by Safi wa Nairobi)

Cover art by Nicole Gervacio ~
co-founder & co-producer