Special Broadcast

International Women’s Day 2019 (Hour 18) – Bonni Live!

Women, entrenched in making thought-provoking music throughout centuries, provide inspiration, strength and guidance. Bonni Maxwell, originating from Detroit and now a mainstay in the San Francisco Bay Area, has forged a solid career with contemporary, soulful renditions about social justice, politics, love and life. Rhythm & Blues/Soul singer Bonni joins us during the final hour of IWD Celebration 2019, Saturday the 9th March, 11pm – midnight, for a live rendition of some of the greatest music you will hear. Honour the inspiring, uplifting and vivacious voice of Bonni Maxwell, entrenched in the unique Detroit sound. Through personal accounts of life’s many journeys, Bonni weaves together a music songbook of social justice, politics, love, life and hope.

Format: Live performance (approximately 45 minutes) with discussion (approximately 14 minutes)

Duration: 59 minutes

Producer and hosted by Safi wa Nairobi

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