Downballot: criminal justice reformers and democracy initiatives made gains

00:08 A special report by Jeannine Etter on the work of California’s first-in-the-nation Task Force on Reparations for African Americans 00:33 Daniel Nichanian, editor in chief of Bolts Magazine and contributing editor for Inquest  — on what downballot races signalled about voters’ appetite for expanding democracy and shrinking the prison system. 


Why Republicans can’t quit Trump

00:08 John Nichols, national affairs correspondent for The Nation, on why Donald Trump is still a favorite for the Republican presidential nomination, and what that means for the party.  00:35  Kavitha Surana, reporter at ProPublica, on how anti-abortion activists plan to defend and expand the nation’s strictest abortion bans 00:48 Tarini Hardikar, graduate student researcher at UC … Continued

On today’s show: 0:10 – Rebecca Nagle (@rebeccanagle), a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, the host of the podcast This Land which has devoted an entire season to the Supreme Court challenge to the Indian Child Welfare Act. She discusses Haaland v. Brackeen the case challenging the Indian Child Welfare Act that the Supreme Court … Continued

On today’s show: 0:08 – We roundup the results of key elections around the country with Steve Phillips (@steveptweets), host of the podcast Democracy in Color and author of the new book How We Win the Civil War; and John Nichols (@NicholsUprising), national affairs correspondent for The Nation magazine. 0:33 – Tim Redmond (@timredmondsf), long-time … Continued

On today’s show: 0:08 – It’s election day! LaTosha Brown (@MsLaToshaBrown), co-founder of the Black Voters Matter Fund joins us from Georgia. 0:15 – John Nichols (@NicholsUprising), national affairs correspondent for The Nation magazine rounds up the key House and Senate races across the country as well as a few state initiatives and gubernatorial elections. … Continued

On today’s show: 0:08 – We unpack the results of the Israeli election with Richard Silverstein (@richards1052), an independent journalist and author of the Tikun Olam blog and Khury Petersen-Smith (@kpyes), Michael Ratner Middle East Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies. 0:33 – Vic Bedoian (@vicbedoian) reports on the California House District 22 Race … Continued