Photo of California Medical Facility by writer and editor Dave Kempa on Twitter On this show: 0:08 – Fire evacuation orders are underway in the surrounding areas for two California prisons, California Medical Facility in Vacaville and Solano state prison. But state officials refuse to evacuate the facilities and those incarcerated inside say they’re being … Continued

Farmworkers in Salinas harvest lettuce during the wildfires in Salinas, where the River Fire has filled the air with orange smoke and haze. Photo by Ramiro, a farmworker, from United Farm Workers on Instagram. On this show, we spend the hour talking about the 300+ fires raging across California, including the major LNU Lightning Complex … Continued

Joshua Pawlik, in a photo from his family On this show: 0:08 – Belarus is seeing massive uprisings and street protests against President Alexander Lukashenko, as the results of the presidential election are disputed. We hear more about Belarus’ history and the power of the working class there from Steve Crowley, chair of the Department … Continued

Sen. Bernie Sanders addresses the Democratic National Convention Monday night. On this show: 0:08 – How did the first day of the online Democratic National Convention go? We talk about the keynote speech by Bernie Sanders went with two guests: Briahna Joy Gray (@briebriejoy), former press secretary for Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign; now a contributing … Continued

Photo of Oakland Police Commissioners from 2017 On this show: 0:08 – Mitch Jeserich joins us for Mondays With Mitch. He is the host of Letters and Politics, weekdays at 10, and is hosting nightly DNC and RNC coverage on Pacifica. 0:34 – Dr. John Swartzberg is clinical professor emeritus of infectious diseases at UC … Continued

Image from On this show: 0:08 – How is Covid-19 affecting kids of different age groups? We take your calls with Dr. Bonnie Maldonado, a professor of pediatrics and Health Research and Policy at the Stanford School of Medicine. Some of her takeaways: We still don’t know if children are less likely to be … Continued