On today’s show: 0:08 – Dean Baker (@DeanBaker13) senior economist at the Center for Economic and Policy Research discusses inflation. 0:33 – Paul Kiel (@paulkiel), journalist at ProPublica covering business and consumer finance with a focus on the IRS discusses his latest piece America’s Highest Earners and Their Taxes Revealed. 1:08 – Edwin Lyman (@NucSafetyUCS), Director … Continued

0:08 – Presidential elections in France had a first round of voting this past weekend, which brings the country to a runoff vote in less than two weeks between incumbant centrist Emmanuel Macron and right wing populist Marine Le Pen, who is anti-immigrant and anti-European Union. Runoff results are expected to split France evenly. We … Continued

0:08 – The Russian withdrawal from the north of Ukraine is becoming a renewed offensive offensive from the East, expanding the border of territory that is already under the control of Russia-aligned separatists. John Feffer (@johnfeffer), Director of Foreign Policy in Focus, joins us to discuss the latest developments of that conflict. 0:34 – Dr. John Swartzberg, clinical professor … Continued

On today’s show: 0:08 – Lil Kalish (@lil_kalish), a reporter for CalMatters’ California Divide team covering income inequality in the state joins us to discuss California’s Reparations Task Force. 0:33 – Jessica Ann Mitchell Aiwuyor (@jamaiwuyor), a reparationist, Pan African activist and cultural communications specialist based in the Washington, DC area and Jovan Scott Lewis … Continued

0:08 – Global fossil fuel politics have grown complicated as the war in Ukraine rages on, and many countries are exploring plans to divest to some degree from Russian oil and gas. Antonia Juhasz (@AntoniaJuhasz), an author and investigative journalist covering climate, energy, and oil, joins us to discuss these effects on oil and gas. … Continued

0:08 – Pakistan is struggling through a government crisis, with Prime Minister Imran Khan dissolving the parliament just before losing his position last week. It’s unclear how the powers there will sorted out. Joining us today is Cyril Almeida (@cyalm), a Pakistani journalist based in Karachi, who’s spent over a decade covering the government-military nexus, … Continued

0:08 – Mass protests against the government in Sri Lanka amidst a curfew prompted the resignation of the entire cabinet except for the Prime Minister and President. The protests follow a snowballing crisis of economic issues, the pandemic, and borrowing on foreign reserves to pay national debt. We are joined by Sharika Thiranagama (@thirana1), Associate Professor … Continued

0:08 – Images from northern Kyiv suggest Russian troops could have engaged in war crimes. John Feffer (@johnfeffer), Director of Foreign Policy in Focus, joins us to explore the potential for consequences by the international community, and other updates on the Ukraine war. 0:34 – Dr. John Swartzberg, clinical professor emeritus of infectious diseases at UC Berkeley’s School … Continued

On today’s show: 0:08 – Zoltán Grossman, Professor of Geography and Indigenous Studies at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington discusses the geographical history of ethnonationalism in Ukraine. 0:33 – Dr. Greg Carr (@AfricanaCarr), Associate Professor of African Studies at Howard University and Adjunct Professor of Law at Howard University’s School of Law discusses … Continued