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National Security State Propaganda, the Fourth Estate’s Deadly Follies, and Why We Need a Truly Independent Press in Support of Human Rights and Freedom of Expression as we Celebrate Press Freedom Day – Project Censored – May 5, 2023

In the first half of this week’s show, Mickey and Project Censored intern Reagan Haynie speak with investigative reporter Alan MacLeod of MintPress News. MacLeod explains that a number of former high-ranking US military and security officials are now executives or board members in the video-game industry, notably with the firm that make the “Call … Continued

On the latest program, we celebrate Daniel Ellsberg Week (April 24-30), co-sponsored by The Ellsberg Initiative for Peace and Democracy & and RootsAction Education Fund, as we honor whistleblowers in support of a truly free press from Dan Ellsberg to Julian Assange. First, Mickey talks with journalist Kevin Gosztola, author of Guilty of Journalism. Kevin gives important updates on … Continued

Mickey hosts the first segment of the show. His guest Kenn Burrows describes an upcoming conference “From Polarization to Integration,” to be held April 21 on the San Francisco State University campus. The event will address strategies for overcoming issues of censorship around important but controversial matters. Also joining Mickey and Kenn is journalist Tony … Continued

Project Censored

Project Censored – April 7, 2023

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