Limbo Rock is a three story special for International Women’s Day. In the first story, a twelve-year-old girl navigates the awkward social terrain of school dances in the 1960s. The second was inspired by the #MeToo movement, and raises the question: how do girls learn to be silent? The third story profiles master drummer Carolyn … Continued

This experimental docupoem takes listeners on a meditative trip between two capital cities—Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Washington, DC. Ethiopian-American writer and multidisciplinary artist Saaret Emebeat Yoseph creates an intimate audio scrapbook as she records the personal and family history of her mother, Emebeat Askale Bekele, who immigrated to DC from Addis, in the early 1970s. … Continued

There are many ways women across the world have been disproportionately impacted by COVID. The pandemic has simultaneously increased the demand for unpaid labor from women — including childcare and homeschooling — while decimating industries like retail, leisure, hospitality, education and entertainment which are their main employers. So many of the jobs lost during the … Continued