What is feminist spirituality and why have traditional religions  demonized women goddesses ?  Today for our special international women’s day programming  I talk to two professors from the Women’s Spirituality Program at the California Institute of Integral studies, Dr Annette Williams and Dr Mara Keller, about goddesses, the need for feminist spirituality and women deities … Continued

International Women's Day

Siblings in Liberation: African and Asian American Feminist Solidarities

What are the radical possibilities of catalyzing cross-racial feminist solidarities, imaginations, and substantive realities? What revolutions must we create within ourselves to dismantle our prejudices, discrimination, and silences to create the world we want to see? We’re featuring audio from the Asian American Writers’ Workshop’s event Siblings in Liberation, Black and Asian Feminist Solidarities, which … Continued

The Wright Brothers got credit for being the first to fly, but even Orville and Wilbur knew they’d be nothing without their sister, Katharine Wright.  And, it was the women they inspired and taught to fly who really pushed the Women’s Suffrage movement forward. This is the story of women who pushed the envelope so … Continued

Feisty Female Folktales is an anthology of international children’s stories adapted by northern California activist and performance artist Sherry Glaser with original music by David. M Brown and Johnny Qwest Hubel. “The Search for Magic Lake” is an Incan myth from Ecuador, featuring the voices of Sheba Love, Joe Seta, Andrea Shafir, Bridget Volk, Brian … Continued

International Women’s Day 2022 Special Broadcast

KPFA will be celebrating International Women’s Day in 2022 with a 24-hr special broadcast that kicks off at midnight on March 13th and goes until midnight on March 14th. For a detailed list of programing, times, and hosts go here or check the video below!