We speak with Councilwoman Carroll Fife and Dr. Connie Wun Ph.D about Black Asian solidarity and the attempts to undermine police accountability efforts. And later we speak with Tongo Eisen-Martin the eighth San Francisco Poet Laureate.   The Image: Carroll Fife and Nikki Fortunato Bas (left image) Tongo Eisen-Martin (right image)  

We speak with Jessica Ann Mitchell “JAM” Aiwuyor about American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) movement and its disruption of Black Unity. Later Poor News Network examines America’s war on the poor. https://ibw21.org/commentary/understanding-ados-movement-hijack-black-identity-weaken-black-unity/

We speak with longtime activists Courtney Morris and Minister King X of No Justice Under Capitalism about the current challenges faced by those who are incarcerated and the ravages of COVID-19. The group is pressuring Governor Gavin Newsom to release prisoners in California amid coronavirus outbreaks. Later we speak with Shawn Upshaw a member of … Continued

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The Message

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We speak with author, historian and scholar JayQuan about the legacy of Ed Fletcher and the cultural and political impact of the song he wrote “The Message” in 1982 for Grandmaster Flash.