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Police Fatally Shot Black Men in Illinois; Texas; and Philadelphia

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We speak with attorney Benjamin Crump about the fatal police shootings of Marcellis Stinnette of Waukegan, Illinois and Johnathan Price of Wolfe City, Texas. We also speak with the director of community organizing for the Abolitionist Law Center Robert Saleem Holbrook about the Philadelphia police killing of Walter Wallace Jr. and the neighborhood protests that … Continued

For almost two weeks, young people in Nigeria have been protesting police violence after a video showing a brutal police shooting went viral. The protesters are demanding an end to the corrupt anti-robbery police squad known as SARS. In response to growing street protests and the targeting of police stations by demonstrators. On Tuesday, the … Continued

This year has been one for the record books. A global pandemic and an epidemic of unwarranted mass killings of Black and Brown people by law enforcement.  These two major “health crises” also exist on the heels of an upcoming election, with major stakes in the criminal justice system, gig worker economy, housing and more.    Considering … Continued

From the Facebook event description: Passed on from a long lineage of Oakland’s Black Radical Tradition, today’s movement leaders continue to reclaim power. Just as the Black Panther Party asserted bold demands focused on creating economic, social, and political power fifty years ago, we find ourselves in a pivotal moment for radical transformation, policy change … Continued

We speak with George Floyd’s brother, Philonise Floyd about George’s legacy and the importance of voting. We also explore felon disenfranchisement and the political battle to restore the voting rights of 6 million people not eligible to vote because of laws that restrict people convicted of felonies from voting. We’ll meet criminal justice activists in … Continued