Over 100 National and Regional U.S. Organizations urging President Biden “To End the U.S. Role in Escalating the Dangerous Tensions with Russia”.

Today on the show: Over 100 national and regional U.S. organizations release a joint statement urging President Biden “to end the U.S. role in escalating the dangerous tensions with Russia over Ukraine: Also Celebrated Troubadour, human rights activist, and Flashpoints contributor, Francisco Herrera, fighting for the children and for the life of Julian Assange: Also … Continued


Palestine Defending Their Land from Expanding Israeli Ethnic Cleansing.

Today on the Show: Palestine defending their land from expanding Israeli ethnic cleansing and risking jail, torture and explosions in the process: Also Can Space Tourism Co-Exist With all of Space Being Turned Into A War Zone?” Professor Karl Grossman warns us against the next generation of nukes in space including the potential for devastating … Continued

Today on the show: Is the U.S. about the get into a head on clash with the Russians, that could have catastrophic implications? An international action in the fight to free the globally noted commentator and political prisoner, Mumia Abu Jamal: Also, Palestinian Youth activists demand  an end to the Israeli regimes expanding demolitions of … Continued

Today on the show: We continue our drum-beat reporting on the brutal treatment of thousands of immigrants, many Haitians–by the Biden Administration. The systematic brutality includes beatings, torture and forced mass deportations. Also, we continue our election-crimes bulletin, as Greg Palast reports on the special grand jury convened to investigate potential illegal Trump election crimes … Continued


The Pentagon Puts 8,500 Troops on ‘High Alert’ Amid Ukraine Tensions

Today on the show: The Pentagon Puts 8,500 Troops on ‘High Alert’ Amid Ukraine Tensions…IS THE U.S. STEAMING TOWARDS ANOTHER MILITARY CONFRONTATION ON HEELS OF ITS 20 YEARS AFGHANASTAN DISASTER: We’ll speak to Nation Magazine publisher and columnist, Katrina Vanden Heuvel about the volatile situation: Also Pulitzer winning-reporter David Cay Johnston on the latest twists … Continued


Pulitzer Prize-Winning Investigative Reporter David Cay Johnston Breaks Down the Ongoing Trump Investigation.

Today on show:  Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter David Cay Johnston breaks down the ongoing trump investigation with a few clues as to where to look and what to look for: Also Election protection activists say Biden Must Immediately Enact by Executive Order the John Lewis/Freedom to Vote Acts: And radical environmentalists turn their focus on … Continued