Code-Pink is Standing in Protest Against the War in Ukraine.

Today on the Show:: Code-Pink is standing in protest against the war in Ukraine with street actions and a poetry reading: Also we’ll talk to two Oakland Teachers doing a hunger-strike to save their neighborhood schools: Award-winning Photo Journalist David Bacon talks about his new traveling exhibition: “COMMUNITIES AND THEIR SOCIAL JUSTICE MOVEMENTS” which OPENS … Continued

Is police power on the Rise in the US, despite the uprising that followed the brutal police murder of George Floyd: Will explore the concepts of Racial Capitalism and Copaganda. Also: The battle to prevent school closing in Oakland California moves to the streets: we’ll talk to a seasoned teacher on the frontlines. And A … Continued

Today on the Show: A MAJOR PROTEST IN PUERTO RICO AGAINST THE LOOTING OF THE POVERTY STRICKEN U.S. COLONY BY VULTURE CAPITALISTS AND A CORPORATE JUNTA: We’ll get a front line report from Flashpoints special correspondent, Judith Berken in San Juan: ALSO THE FLASHPOINT’S ELECTION CRIMES BULLETIN returns, as Greg Palast confronts the vote thieves … Continued


We’ll Speak to Retired Colonel, Ann Wright about the Potential War in the Ukraine

Today on the Show: We’ll speak to Retired Colonel, Ann Wright about the potential war in the Ukraine, and also about the battle against mass exposure to toxic military pollution in Hawaii: Also immigrant rights advocates urge the Biden administration to take decisive action to uphold the rights of migrant victims of family separation with … Continued

Today on the show: How Trump’s extremism turned the Oath Keepers from keyboard warriors into seditious coup plotters: And we’ll talk to celebrated code-pink truth teller and Global Pease Activist, Medea Benjamin, about the Dangers of the latest US confrontation with Russia over the Ukraine. And we’ll also ask Medea to reflect on the implications … Continued


Over 100 National and Regional U.S. Organizations urging President Biden “To End the U.S. Role in Escalating the Dangerous Tensions with Russia”.

Today on the show: Over 100 national and regional U.S. organizations release a joint statement urging President Biden “to end the U.S. role in escalating the dangerous tensions with Russia over Ukraine: Also Celebrated Troubadour, human rights activist, and Flashpoints contributor, Francisco Herrera, fighting for the children and for the life of Julian Assange: Also … Continued