Today on the Show: US Military says drone strike that killed ten in Kabul, including several young children, was regrettable but not illegal under the rules of engagement. Kenosha vigilante killer, Kyle Rittenhouse, now on trial for first degree intentional homicide, gets some help from a biased white judge. Also, on a new edition of … Continued


Should  the Pope be Held Accountable for the Role the Catholic Church has Played in the Genocide Against Indigenous Children

Today on the Show: Should  the Pope be held accountable for the role the Catholic Church has played in the genocide against Indigenous Children; Also Sonoma County Immigrants plan to build a Day of the Dead Altar and Hold Vigil In Front of Board of Supervisors To Demand the Immediate Passage of a county-wide Immigrant … Continued

Today on the Show: Francisco Herrera joins us to talk about the fight to protect and franchise Domestic Workers and Day Laborers; Also asylum seekers rescued at the last minute in the midst of an improper deportation by the Biden Administration; And we’ll feature an in-depth update on Afghanistan since the deadly US pull out. … Continued