Mia Jankowicz of the London office of Business Insider reports on Sherri Tenpenny, the antivaxxer who claimed before the Ohio legislature that covid shots make you magnetic. And business and economic historian Sanford Jacoby, author of Labor in the Age of Finance, looks back on labor’s alliance with Wall Street in mounting the shareholder revolution. photo: Joshua … Continued

Behind the News

Why did South Africans riot? And here’s a finance economist calling for central planning!

Sean Jacobs and Will Shoki of Africa Is a Country explain why South Africans rioted last month and what’s happened to the African National Congress over the decades. And the political economist Max Krahé, author of this report, explains why market mechanisms aren’t up to the climate crisis and some kind of central planning is necessary.

Christian Parenti looks at carbon dioxide removal, an underappreciated technology that could stave off climate collapse. And the anthropologist Kareem Rabie talks explores a new town development on the West Bank—has real estate development become the neoliberal substitute for nation building in Palestine? photo: Chris LeBoutillier via Unsplash

Behind the News

Why workers don’t revolt, fighting Amazon in South Africa, the horrors of solitary confinement.

• Political economist Sam Gindin, author of this piece, talks about competition and the working class • Leslie London, director of Observatory Civic Association in Cape Town, South Africa, on a fight against Amazon. The Facebook page for the campaign is here. • Tana Ganeva, a journalist specializing in criminal justice, talks about the prevalence … Continued