Texas-based immigration attorney Brianna Rennix talks about conditions at the US–Mexico border: how many of Trump’s brutal policies is Biden continuing, and was Trump that much of a departure from his predecessors? And sociologist Gianpaolo Baiocchi outlines a proposal to keep distressed housing out of the hands of private equity and turn it instead into … Continued

Economist Réka Juhász looks at the move from home to factory in early 19th century for precedents for today’s move to working from home: will it stick? And Brookings fellow Vanessa Williamson explores the roots of the concept of “taxpayers,” popular in conservative discourse, in Southern elites’ successful efforts to disenfranchise black citizens and undo … Continued

Political scientist Jodi Dean reflects on whether Trump is a fascist and the future of the right in the US. And historian Quinn Slobodian, co-author of this article, looks at the “Querdenker”—the odd coalition of out-of-the-box thinkers in Germany who hate masks and lockdowns. photo: LOGAN WEAVER via Unsplash