Today on A Box of Toys, we present the third volume from our ever growing stacks of vinyl discoveries. Originally intended as a “needle drop show,” these records were all pulled from vinyl selections that have come off of new releases or re-issues. photo: Vladimir Proskurovskiy via Unsplash

A Box of Toys returns to continue to dig through the stacks to bring you selections from a variety of LPs and new vinyl collected (and found) by our illustrious show hosts! A mix-tape like no other, so sit back and see what we have in store for you! photo: Getúlio Moraes via Unsplash

On the our 42nd episode of A Box of Toys, we are proud to present our fifth volume of our emerging artists series. It’s been six months since we’ve done a show on up and coming musical acts – and we have a lot that we want to share with you! Throughout today’s episode, we … Continued

For this episode, we pull from the stacks – vinyl stacks that is! On today’s show we have a stack of records to go through next to our turntable and we present the ones to you that we like best. Throughout today’s episode we play lots of new releases and some re-releases, mainly from Europe. … Continued

Today on A Box of Toys, we present a collection of tracks that didn’t make it into other previous shows over the past year. Get ready for the weird, the wild, and definitely some stuff you’ve never heard of before. photo Michael Schmid on Unsplash

This show collects songs and artists from several of our recent shows that didn’t fit on past episodes. This includes our recent two show feature on artists from across Africa, noise music, and post-rock. photo via Dennis Anderson on Unsplash

We continue our dive into noise music, exploring the fringes of the genre and how it intersects and has influenced more mainstream acts. We look at a variety of styles and artists, from rock, ambient, to alternative, industrial, and beyond. Some of this music is hopelessly obscure and some of it on the older side, … Continued

Part one of our exploration into the bizarre world of noise music. We begin by asking what music itself is and discussing how often “noise music” falls outside of the bounds of classical definitions of music itself; subverting traditional understandings and conceptions. Often harsh and difficult to listen to and other times soothing, we venture … Continued