Today on A Box of Toys, hosts investigate entirely new territory. Overwhelmed by the diversity of music emanating from the tropical region of Africa, on today’s show we present selections from Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Senegal. Specially, our show will focus on music produced in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, where artists from these countries gained … Continued

Today on A Box of Toys, we journey to “the land of ice” to look at how isolation of island nations and smaller musical communities has led artists to adapt other forms to their own context and borrow from original folk music to create innovative musical creations. Specifically we turn to Iceland, where following the … Continued

On this episode of A Box of Toys, we examine the Jazz movement from the years 1956 to 1966. We present at and discuss several artists from this period which is often overlooked and forgotten. Shout out to people playing and performing jazz and those committed to the genre, including the programs on KPFA keeping … Continued

On episode number thirty of A Box of Toys, hosts present an eerie and haunting soundscape that makes up The Humble Cassette. Hosts ask: causes a band to release a cassette? Why do people make mix-tapes? They’re cheap, easy for bands to make, they’re rare, and also help promote tours and bands. The tradition of … Continued

A Box of Toys returns with a second round of ‘Outside the Box,’ as a follow up to last week. Tracks presented are random that has something to do with past shows. The tracks that follow are inspired by past shows. First up is a track by Little Axe, ‘I Got the Blues.’ PHOTO : … Continued

A Box of Toys

A Box of Toys – September 29, 2020

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A Box of Toys is a radio program dedicated to the mystery of obscure music. The sheer volume of new and original artists is utterly overwhelming and A Box of Toys endeavors to pluck these voices out of their dusty basements and onto the airwaves for your listening pleasure. It is the culmination of a … Continued