A Box Of Toys takes pause to interview one of the most unusual products to emerge from the British underground and explore its surprising connection to local, regional and world music, and the influences which led to their unique output: KPFA’s own Stephen Kent of Furious Pig.

A journey through South Africa primarily through the Gallo Records imprint, whose A&R through 1950 was run by Griffiths Motseiloa.  We also explore the mystery of “Rae Gae”, published in 1939, a full 30 years before Reggae became a genre, Mirabi music,  Amapiano, and much more

It’s a RERUN:  Originally titled “tapes in Chris’ car”, these are amazing cassette releases which found their way into my junker so I could listen to them whilst driving about.  Lineup includes Grandma Lofi, Proof of Utah, Ercila Costa, Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Nate Young, & Ivan Zoloto.

A rerun from April 2020 covering a movement in European Avant Garde music, with ties to progressive, alternative, and post-punk.  Features Henry Cow and their numerous offshoot bands, Slapphappy, The Muffins, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Miriodor, Koenjihyakkei and Cheer Accident.

A Box Of Toys explores the golden age of the cassette by sampling the DIY tape machine that existed between 1979 and 1985- a period of unprecedented creativity in “popular music” (to use the term loosely).  This is a truly wild ride through the most obscure and interesting cassette catalogs from that period. This show … Continued

This is episode #55, even though we say it’s episode #56 in the introduction.  These tracks were pulled from vinyl received between Feb and April in 2021.  This show included GSY!BE, Visionist, Giant Swan, Clark, Zuli, Bonobo, Venus Ex Machina, Teeth Agency, and Quakers.