Last week on Democracy Now!, acclaimed filmmaker Michael Moore predicted Donald Trump would win re-election if Democrats don’t choose a candidate to run against him who excites their base of voters. His comments prompted President Donald Trump to respond on Twitter, “He made [the] same prediction in 2016. Nobody ever said Michael was stupid!” But Moore’s comments … Continued

Hard to Breathe: Houseless and Exposed to Wildfire Pollution

As the Kincade Fire sweeps through Sonoma County, prompting mass evacuations, California marks the one-year anniversary of the Butte Camp Fire, the deadliest fire in state history. Last year’s fire covered the Bay Area in smoke and pollution for nearly two weeks. Usually the first advice public officials give in those circumstances is to stay … Continued

The Community of Grace

We are proud to premier the radio documentary “Community of Grace.” All across this country, and the world, homelessness is on the rise. KPFA reporter Lucy Kang spent months speaking with residents of the Community of Grace, an unhoused community in Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood. This long-form audio documentary reveals the devastating circumstances many unhoused Oakland residents face and the incredible ingenuity with which their communities are surviving.

Nina Serrano and Jack Foley—KPFA’s interwoven pair—are back again as May jumps into the calendar (May Day! M’aidez!). A special feature of today’s program will be a celebration of the great California (Oakland-born) poet, Robert Duncan (1919-1988). There will be an international celebration of Duncan at the Sorbonne from June 12 to June 14, but today’s show is strictly home grown. Nina and Jack will also contribute their special brand of hi-jinks.

If the Mueller report has you down, if the internet keeps quitting on you, if the skies in sunny California are gray gray gray, try pepping up and having a cup o’ cheer with Nina Serrano and Jack Foley, KPFA’s interwoven pair. Today’s show will feature a short segment featuring Thomas Stanton, Poet Laureate # 7 of Benicia. Mr. Stanton is, says Nina, famous locally for being “not understandable.” Stanton himself remarks that “Clarity is not my strong point.”Another segment will be a tribute to Lawrence Ferlinghetti, who turned one hundred years old on March 24, 2019

KPFA’s 2019 International Women’s Day Broadcast

Tune in Saturday March 9th for KPFA’s 2019 International Women’s Day broadcast! From 6am – 12 midnight, we bring you a mix of music, culture and her-stories celebrating the courage, creativity and contributions of some of the most vulnerable and most powerful women on our planet.


KPFA GM YEAR-END REPORT 2018 By Quincy McCoy   I’m pleased to report that KPFA had a successful 2018.   Just a year ago our anxiety was high because of Pacifica’s critical financial situation combined with the Empire State Building lien breathing down our necks and the PNB’s lack of a strategic plan to create a … Continued

GM Report May/June 2018. By Quincy McCoy.

GM Report May/June 2018 By Quincy McCoy   Personnel Update Unfortunately, we have lost some staff members. May 1st was the last day for Cat Brooks as a member of the Up Front morning broadcast. As you all have heard she is now a candidate for Mayor of Oakland.   In keeping with our election policy, … Continued

This morning we speak with Sandy Close, the Executive Editor and Director of New American Media a national collaboration ethnic news organizations, about New American Media’s recent closure and what that means for progressive media in California and around the nation. Liza Osetinskaya updates us about Russian media, and Russia’s purported interference in American politics. Afterwards, host Cat Brooks … Continued