The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – December 20, 2004

A newly released document indicates president bush may have directly issued an executive order authorizing abusive interrogation methods against prisoners in iraq.. .the administration denies there was such an order… For only the second time a military panel reverses the designation of a Guantanamo prisoner as an enemy combatant. .the unidentified prisoner will be released… … Continued

Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – December 19, 2004

Scoop Nisker sits in for Larry Bensky this week on Sunday Salon. First hour features cosmologist and author Brian Swimme, revealing the latest discoveries about the universe and how we can make the latest science personal and relevant to our mythology and religions. In the second hour, Scoop’s guest will be Jerry Mander, media critic … Continued

Special Broadcast

– December 2, 2004

7 am to 6pm PST Pacifica Network Pre-empts Regular Programming for National Simulcast Special Broadcast to Raise Funds To Help Rescue the Rare Valuable Collection of 50,000 Historical Recordings Housed in the Pacifica Radio Archives. Highlights Include: Broadcast of Recently Rediscovered 1972 Recording of Comedy Legend Richard Pryor Reading His Poetry and Commenting on Rebellion … Continued

Special Broadcast

– November 22, 2004

War, Activism, and Protest At a time when the United States chooses war over diplomacy, we offer some of Pacifica’s unique perspective on war, activism, and protest beginning with some of the earliest coverage of the Vietnam War.