Counterspin – April 28, 2006

Articles and posts are flying around the web with headlines like ‘The End of the Internet’. How serious is the threat of the disturbingly named "Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement Act" and what can you do about it? And, how does it connect to the threat currently facing public access TV? We’ll talk about both issues with Jeff Chester, of the Center for Digital Democracy.

Also: when activists used to protest the World Bank and IMF, many in the mainstream media took the lazy way out, pointing and laughing at the blue haired, street-marching anarchists. Nowadays, coverage of the World Bank has a different kind of problem-kid glove treatment of its new boss, former Pentagon official Paul Wolfowitz. He’s getting high marks from the press, but what do World Bank critics think? We’ll speak to one-Ann Louise Colgan of the group Africa Action.

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