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Dark Times

Health educator Layna Berman discusses strategies for using the dark time of year to prepare for growth during the Spring.

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  • Don Casey

    Dear about Health and fitness….Love your show, but what has become of KPFA radio? I am a 30 year listener, and what I hear at KPFA in the morning before noon is the worse kind of radio (accept for Nader Hour). It isn’t progressive. It’s fake progressive. Why would I donate to KPFA when it sounds more like MSNBC -Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes. Even Democracy Now is fake-left programming for the Fake left. Hang in their About Health and Fitness. It seems KPFa is purposely being targeted for psyops. The KPFA News, and the morning personnel, with help from programming director, and management are purposely destroying the brand. It’s obvious if you really take a look at it. KPFA is hiding behind Trump Hate. Meanwhile, KPFa doesn’t inform it’s listeners about Nancy Peloci’s fraud, Diane Fienstein, fraud, Chuck Shumer, fraud, DNC corruption, and ect… KPFa is actually dumbing down it’s listeners purposely. It certainly isn’t trying to elevate them.

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