Local Food Movements

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Carolyn Biggerstaff, Weston A. Price Houston Chapter, and Gary Granata, Slow Food New Orleans, discuss local food activism by chapters of national and international food movement organizations. Visit Your Own Health And Fitness

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A New Democracy

Your Own Health and Fitness

Layna Berman and Jeffry Fawcett, PhD play excerpts from and discuss the film We the People 2.0 about the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund in its work to establish the rights of nature and communities. Click here to make a donation: kpfa.org/support Visit Your Own Health And Fitness

Inventing a Future

Your Own Health and Fitness

Shaun Chamberlin, Managing Director of the Fleming Policy Centre in the United Kingdom, cofounder of Transition Town Kingston, author of The Transition Timeline, and editor of David Fleming’s Lean Logic and Surviving the Future, discusses the transition movement and Fleming’s effect on it. Visit Your Own Health And Fitness

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