January 8, 2019 – Fed Shutdown Slave Labor America NUMSA Forms Party And OEA Struggle

WorkWeek looks at Trump’s Federal government shutdown and how workers can end it. Next WorkWeek hears about the formation of a new working class party by the National Union of Metal Workers of South Africa NUMSA. We interview Phakamile Hlubi Majole who is a spokesperson for NUMSA is interviewed about the state of the South African working class, the policies of the ANC, SACP, COSATU and why her union has called for the formation of a new mass working class party called the Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party.
Last we interview Keith Brown who is the president of the Oakland Education Association about their struggle to protect public education, their contract issues and the growth of charters and privatization.
WW1-2-19 The Fed Shutdown And Air Traffic Controllers NATCA Speaks Out
Workweek-radio – Ww1-2-19-the-fed-shutdown-and-air-traffic-controllers-natca-speaks-out
Oakland 2019 Teachers Contract Fight, The OEA, CTA, Charters & Privatization
‘Charter Schools Are Not Public Schools’ Oakland OEA Teachers Protest ‘Common Enrollment’
Oakland Education Association OEA Teachers, Students & Parents March For A Contract
Capitalism And The Attack On Public Education In California With Professor George Wright
The AFT, NEA And The Privatization Drive Against Public Education By Jack Gerson
Struggle Of The South African Working Class, NUMSA & The Formation Of The Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party (SRWP)
South Africa NUMSA General Secretary Irvin Jim Interviewed On 5th Anniversary Of 2012 Mirakana Massacre…lass-struggle/
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